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React! be safe is an initiative against violence that happens to girls and women in the public spaces of the City of Skopje. With the help of the new technologies and the anonymity that this platform provides, it collects data about the harassment and violence that girls and women face in the public spaces of Skopje but are often left untold and unreported. The data is used to inform and alarm the competent authorities about the locations, the frequencies and the type of gender based harassment and violence that occurs, and with that we hope the data will contribute to increase the safety of girls and women in the public spaces of Skopje.

A crowdsoursing site for gender based violence in Skopje

This web site enables you to register any kind of gender based harassment or violence on the streets, parks, buses or any other public space in the city or just use it inform yourself about the latest incidents and the safety of the public spaces that you (intent to) use. The idea was to provide girls and women from Skopje an online map about the frequencies of any gender based harassment and violence and a place where they can share their experiences or the experiences of their friends, relatives or acquaintances.

On React! you can register all kinds of gender based harassment and violence such as whistling, vulgar comments and insults, touching, following and sexual attacks that are a reality for many girls and women but are often left unreported. By collecting information, pictures, videos and stories of girls and women React! provides a social network dedicated to prevention and ending gendered based harassment and violence in the public spaces.