Reactor among the most transparent think tanks worldwide

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With 169 think tanks included in the assessment, Reactor was one of only 11 think tanks in Europe and 21 think tanks worldwide that received the highest transparency rating.

Transparify’s report on how transparent think tanks are when it comes to their own funding involved 169 think tanks from 47 countries. According to the study's methodology, a think tank is awarded the maximum possible five-star rating if it 'discloses in great detail who funds them, with what sums, and for what research projects.'
Reactor has always been committed to full transparency and accountability when it comes to our funding and we are happy to be recognized as one of the global leaders when it comes to 'walking the transparency walk.' We will continue to implement the policy of full disclosure of our sources of funding as one of the fundamental principles of transparency and accountability.

The goal of Transparify's report was to assess, but also improve the transparency of think tanks as important actors in policy making, serving as additional encouragement for think tanks to fully disclose their sources of funding. The findings of the report have been covered in major media outlets worldwide, including the New York Times and El Confidencial (focusing on the US and Europe respectively). 

Reactor's sources of funding and transparency policy are provided in the 'Donors' section of our website, where you can find an overview of all project and institutional funding that Reactor has received since 2010, including who provided the funding, how much funding was provided, as well what projects the funding was awarded for, including their planned duration.