Our Web Projects

Gender Reactor


In order to raise awareness about the discrimination that women face in all aspects of social and public life, we are using March 8th, International Women’s Day, to launch the website “Gender Reactor” (Родов Реактор).

Civic Engagement in Macedonia


The web platform CivicEngagment.mk presents the most important results from our Civic Engagement study from 2011. The results are presented as visualizations of the state of civic participation in the country, as well as volunteerism, sense of belonging and trust.

Skopje Raste

skopje raste thumnail.png

SkopjeRaste (‘Skopje is Growing’) is an initiative that aims to encourage a debate about the vision of the city of Skopje that would include the interests and the needs of its citizens. This platform is our contribution to including the citizens of Skopje in a wider debate on urban development, presenting the urban plans and the growth of the city ...


reagiraj tn.png

React! is an initiative against violence that happens to girls and women in the public spaces of the City of Skopje. With the help of the new technologies and the anonymity that this platform provides, we hope to collect a vast data about the harassment and violence that girls and women face in the public spaces of Skopje but are often left untold ...

Republic of Youth

r-mladi tn.png

Republika Mladi (Republic of Youth) is an initiative in defense of youth participation. Around 60 youth and civil society organizations from Macedonia pledged to challenge the youth and make their voices heard about the need for creating a platform for youth democracy. The platform is expected to provide a space for young people to participate in a ...

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